Anyone notice HF is gone?

Has anyone noticed that HF is gone, and does anyone care?

Yes, I know it's gone at the moment, and I have set up a backup site while I begin to think how to fix it.

Do I even WANT to fix it? Would anyone care?


So, for the second or third time now, people over at F_W and STFU are going through my journal here to find stuff to mock or hold against me. Thus, I'm afraid it's time for friends only from now on. Sorry, and I know I wasn't updating much anyway, but I'm tired of trolls in comments, people ransacking my personal life, etc.

Comment if you wish to be added, or otherwise have to reach me.
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HF update...

Grr, thanks for updating me that HF is still down. Yes, it is, though I was able to access it, so it's just a server and domain name miscalculation. It's in the process of being resolved as I type, I hope.

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Sigh, what a mess it has been--and entirely unplanned, too! I didn't want any of it. Hope we are up soon!

Edit: looks like things are coming back to normal. Good thing, too!
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